You get what you pay for?

April 23, 2014

Rarely does a day go by that I don't get a call asking for 'our price' for a particular item. So for example, a call might go like this:

Caller: "uh much for t-shirts?'

Us: "Certainly! I'd be glad to help you with that. How many t-shirts would you like? What color t-shirts are you looking for? Is there a brand or style that you prefer? Are they printed or embroidered? If they are printed, how many prints and how many colors in each print? Do you have the art or will we be creating the art? Will you be needing youth, adult or extended sizes?"

Caller: "I just need to know your price...ballpark..."

Us: "Well, there's really no such thing as a 'ballpark price', but I can tell you that printed t-shirts start at 3.25 ea."

And this, my friends, is why we don't quote pricing over the phone folks. There are SO many's like calling General Motors and asking them how much for a car? They've got cheap ones and really, really expensive ones, and everything in between. And yes, we do offer printed t-shirts for 3.25 each, but that price is likely only relevant to your project if you're looking for a white t-shirt printed one side with one color and for like 800 of them...then yes, that would be your price.

So here's the bottom line: Our pricing, when matched against the same brand, style & color of tee, printing the same quantity, with the same number of imprints and colors, is extremely competitive with everyone in the industry. The on-line sellers, the brick-n-mortar sellers, everyone. And on top of that, you get the added benefits of a brick-n-mortar store to help you see and feel the colors and products, a live, in-person sales consultant to help you navigate the products, the options and the process, the opportunity to add 'just a few more shirts' to your order after it's already been processed, a smoke-free production shop, a design engineer who will likely nit-pick your job/design through the setup and production process to ensure that print size, location, colors, prints, etc., are just so,  and so much more! For more info on t-shirt printing and pricing, click on our SCREENPRINT tab.

So skip the calls and just get in here and order some'll be glad you did :-)

PS - Just today I had a call from a prospective client asking for a price. I gave her the price.

Customer: "Oh! I'll be in with my order." Minutes later she called back and asked "You forgot to give me the price for printing on the shirts....remember I said I needed them printed on the front and on the back."

Me: "Yes, that is the price. 60 pieces of safety yellow tees printed in black front and back."

Customer: "But the other place said there is an extra $20 added on for each side."

Me: "Yes, I'm sure they did. We don't charge those extras fines & fees. We just charge a flat rate per shirt. It includes the setups."

Customer: "WOW! You're cheaper than everyone else!"

Me: "Yes, I know. We are competitively priced. What time will you be arriving?"


Have a Great Day Everyone!

Summer is almost here!

April 21, 2014

Yesterday we drove my daughter back to Columbus to finish out the school year. Wouldn't you know...they are in full bloom down there! It was 77 balmy degrees. I guess that's whatcha get when you slide a little bit south of our big lake. But come summer...those C'bus folks will be flocking North, just as they always do ;-)

So while we're down there, we stop to visit with Mama Julie, the wonderful dog rescuer who brought us our famed Potcakes, Danny & Daisy. Visiting with Julie and listening to her talk about her work (all unpaid and volunteer work, mind you), really makes me reflect on how important it is to remember the shelter animals and all of the people who care for them. Even on those days when we're snowed in, snugged in, enjoying the holidays or away on vacation, the shelter volunteers are doing their thing. Walking, cleaning, feeding and caring for otherwise homeless critters. GIVE TO A SHELTER TODAY! A box of treats, a bag of food, a blanket or leash or a few bucks to help them buy food and supplies.

Next time you're looking for a pet, remember the shelter pups. They have so much to offer and are often far more grateful for your love than any pedigree. VH/HPO


Happy Easter Everyone!

April 20, 2014

Just taking a minute to wish everyone a Blessed Easter today. Scott and I are thrilled to pieces to have my children home for the weekend, along with our puppies and THE CAT, we're all together...just as it should be.

Don't ever forget to smell the roses! Enjoy this beautiful day. Here's wishing us all many, many more. vh/hpo

Our New Temporary Site is Up and Running...Finally!

April 18, 2014

Hey There Friends! Our new temporary website is finally up and running. We have put this site up just so we had a self-service place to send you for quick answers. But don't get too used to it because we're working behind the scenes to create a bigger and better and much for elaborate site that incorporates everything that you all have asked for ... and more! I'll be sure to keep you posted as that develops. vh/hpo